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sew up

vb. To seal by sewing.

Usage examples of "sew up".

Since you've proven handy with a needle and thread, I want you to sew up Calum.

Lee was called to the hospital to sew up three gunslingers who had shot it out near the New Mexico border, so Blair was alone.

I'm going to sew up your cheek, and I can't have you thrashing about.

He tied off the arteries in the left stump, and left it for Krystyana to sew up, going around the merchant to tend the right one.

When only the head is open, the person who made the last stitch should take it to the altar and fill the poppet with the charged herbs, speaking more healing words, and then sew up the head.

How are you going to sew up all those franchises from the, uh-the Moon states, those countries the Moon passes over, while a big publicity campaign is going on about a trip to the Moon and how big a thing it is for everybody?