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SEU or Seu may refer to:

  • A single event upset is a change of state caused by a high-energy particle strike to a micro-electronic device
  • Source Edit Utility an IBM tool on the AS/400 aka iSeries to edit program sources
  • slightly enriched uranium, a very low enrichment of uranium to 0.9% to 2% U.
  • subjective expected utility is a way to make decisions in the presence of risk
  • Shoot 'em up, a video game subgenre
  • Social Exclusion Unit, a British Government task force to address social exclusion
  • Southeastern University (disambiguation)
    • Southeastern University (Florida), a private, non-profit university in USA
    • Southeastern University (Washington, D.C.), formerly a private, non-profit university
  • St. Edward's University is a private, Catholic university in Austin, Texas, USA
  • Southeast University (Bangladesh), a private, non-profit university in Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Southeast University, a university in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Sustainable Energy Utility, a community based model of development based on energy conservation and community-scale renewables

Usage examples of "seu".

In the fore part of which, betwixt the seuen pilastrels, there were appointed little slender Pillers wrought about with leaues, copies, heades with haire like leaues, boyes their hippes and legges proportioned into brawnches, Birdes and copies, and vesselles full of flowers, with other woonderfull inuentions and deuises, from the top to the bottome of the Anaglyph, as if they had grown out of the foundation, making and diuiding in sunder the spaces, their chapters were wrought of a fashion answerable to the rest.

The two straight pillars of Porphyre of seuen diameters vpon either of the aforenamed stilipodes and square aultars did stretch vpward of a pumish or tawnie colour, the out sides shining cleere and smoothly pollished, chamfered, and chanelled with foure and twenty rebaternents or channels in euery collumne betwixt the nextruls or cordels.

And in the rest of the wall circumvallate of these bearing out rownde Iewels, the seuen Plannets with their nature and properties, with an Encaustic woorke were sweetly painted, which I beheld with great delight.

And if hee killeth them not betwixt one mountayne and another, they passe the seuen circuites to the next mount.

There when the Elfin knight arriued was,The first and chiefest of the seuen, whose careWas guests to welcome, towardes him did pas:Where seeing Mercie, that his steps vp bare,And alwayes led, to her with reuerence rareHe humbly louted in meeke lowlinesse,And seemely welcome for her did prepare:For of their order she was Patronesse,Albe Charissa were their chiefest founderesse.

He left three sonnes, the which in order raynd,And all their Ofspring, in their dew descents,Euen seuen hundred Princes, which maintayndWith mightie deedes their sundry gouernments.