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n. (plural of setup English)

Usage examples of "setups".

Equipment ranging from simple column chromatography setups to sophisticated liquid scintillation counters sat atop the counter, alongside agar-filled petri dishes and folded nitrocellulose filters.

It may take some few setups and teardowns before we can do it swift like.

The setups, of course, were a ripoff, and some clubs even charged a membership fee.

This is not set to run after install but after you do install it it setups with no password, unless you set one.

By the end of a season of setups and teardowns, they'll have worn down to useless nubbins.

It was a far cry from the low-tech setups he'd worked as a new jack cop in the mid-eighties.

But for other scenes, Rush's inspiration in his setups came from the world outside the studio gates, or as he himself puts it, "from being a patient and deliberate observer of the natural world.

She had oohed and ahhed over a generous assortment of electron microscopes, incubators, radiation counters, test tubes, petri dishes, titration setups, gas chromatography equipment, MRI scanners, and other apparatus she couldn’t even begin to identify.