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Sette (Claudia Leitte EP)

Sette is an extended play by the Brazilian recording artist Claudia Leitte, released on October 30, 2014. The EP brings the songs "Matimba", "Cartório", "Foragido" featuring Brazilian reggae singer Edson Gomes, "Carreira Solo", "Abraço Coletivo" and "Salvador". For the release of the EP on CD, a remix version of "Matimba" featured Big Sean and MC Guimê was included in the tracklist. According to Leitte, the album was done "thinking in the summer, Brazilian Carnival, on the beach and barbecue".

Sette (magazine)

Sette, also known as Corriere della Sera Sette, is an Italian language news, political and lifestyle magazine based in Milan, Italy. The magazine is the weekly supplement of the daily newspaper Corriere della Sera. It is the first colour supplement distributed with a daily paper in Italy.

Usage examples of "sette".

The middlemost in bright Crymosen: and the two formost in an Emerald greene, not wanting any ornamentes to sette them foorth, singing so sweetly with little rounde mouthes, and playing vppon their instruments, within so celestiall a manner, as woulde keepe a man from euer dying.

In the middest of this admirable and stupendious Court, there was set out a maruellous perfuming vessel, not so much for the excellent and perfecte substaunce thereof, which was pure and fine golde: but for the conspicuous, rare, and auncient fashion of the base, standing vpon three Harpyes feete, the which in a foliature made a trianguled illygament to the base, full of deuises, as the mettall required, ouer euerie Angle or corner whereof stoode three naked shapes of flying spirites orderly sette, of two cubites high, with their shoulders turned one towards an other, and somewhat neare together.

In witnes whereof I have sette my hande John Carver, Giles Heale, Christopher Joanes.

On the same day, however, they had to evacuate Arsiero and Asiago, south of the Sette Communi.

June her armies regained the ground evacuated by the Austrians in a skilful retreat, including Posina, Monte Cimone, Arsiero, Asiago, and the whole of the Sette Communi.

In the presence of the magnificent Queene there did alwayes wayte and attend three honourable Nymphes, their apparell beeing of golde and silke, maruelously wouen and adorned, and sette with pearle and stone.

Era stato un fratello maggiore accondiscendente, che le aveva permesso di fre­quentarlo quando aveva sette, otto anni e lui tredici.

This Phebus gan aweyward for to wryen, And thoughte his sorweful herte brast atwo, His bowe he bente and sette ther inne a flo, And in his ire his wyf thanne hath he slayn.

She sette hir doun on knees, and thus she sayde, "Immortal God, that savedest Susanne Fro false blame, and thou, merciful Mayde, Marie I meene, doghter to Seynte Anne, Bifore whos child angeles synge Osanne, If I be giltlees of this felonye, My socour be, for ellis shal I dye.

He had a few male friends who, on occasion, would get together for brisk games of briscola or sette bello.

A yeer and moore lasted this blisful lyg, Til that the knyght of which I speke of thus, That of Kayrrud was cleped Arveragus, Shoop hym to goon, and dwelle a yeer or tweyne, In Engelond, that cleped was eek Briteyne, To seke in armes worship and honour- For al his lust he sette in swich labour- And dwelled there two yeer, the book seith thus.

Hoold cloos thy mouth, man, by thy fader kyn, The devel of helle sette his foot therin.

This markys hath hir spoused with a ryng Broght for the same cause, and thanne hir sette Upon an hors, snow-whit and wel amblyng, And to his paleys, er he lenger lette, With joyful peple that hir ladde and mette Convoyed hir.

Le ricordava vagamente: cugine di suo padre, viste l'ultima volta al funerale di sua madre sette anni prima.

Below these lines were written, in a strange hand, the following in Italian: — Se alle sei della mattina le quattro mile piastre non sono nelle mie mani, alla sette il conte Alberto avra cessato di vivere.