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set ashore

v. arrive on shore; "The ship landed in Pearl Harbor" [syn: land, shore]

Usage examples of "set ashore".

A striker got careless and was scalded by the steam, and had to be set ashore at Napoleon.

Some of the Sun People auxiliaries had gone on their knees and kissed the solid earth when they were set ashore, and then flung up their hands in the gesture of thankful prayer.

So when he said it would perhaps be impolitic for Dutourd, who knows his opinions, to be set ashore he may very well have seen the man as an informer.

Belisarius, you know, insists on accompanying Valentinian and the others up to the very moment when they are set ashore in India.

Again I pleaded with him to be set ashore, and he slapped me across the mouth.

Though the Sulcar always sail in family groups, living more on board their ships than on land, this time they set ashore their children and such of their women as were pregnant, Lord Koris seeing all were well settled in comfort at the port.