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Serna is a village development committee in Okhaldhunga District in the Sagarmatha Zone of mid-eastern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 1790.

Serna (surname)

Serna is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Alexis Serna (born 1985), American player of gridiron football
  • Andrea Serna (born 1977), Colombian model, TV presenter, reporter, and producer
  • Assumpta Serna (born 1957), Spanish actress
  • Darkin Serna (born 1993), Colombian footballer
  • Diego Serna (born 1973), Colombian footballer
  • Dillon Serna (born 1994), American soccer player
  • Elkin Serna, Colombian Paralympic marathon runner
  • Enrique Serna, (born 1959), Mexican author and screenwriter
  • Isaac Serna, Peruvian politician
  • Joe Serna, Jr. (1939–1999), American civil rights activist and mayor of Sacramento
  • Jorge Horacio Serna (born 1979), Colombian footballer
  • Léa Serna (born 1999), French figure skater
  • Lily Serna (born 1986), Australian mathematician and television presenter
  • Magüi Serna (born 1979), Spanish tennis player
  • Marcelino Serna (1896–1992), Mexican immigrant and United States Army soldier
  • Marco Antonio Serna Díaz (1936-1991), Colombian herpetologist, ornithologist, and naturalist
  • Mauricio Serna (born 1968), Colombian footballer
  • Patricio M. Serna, New Mexican Supreme Court Justice
  • Paul Serna (born 1958), American baseball player
  • Pepe Serna (born 1944), American film and television actor and artist
  • Ralph Serna (born 1957), American long-distance runner
  • Ricardo Serna (born 1964), Spanish footballer
  • Snooky Serna (born 1966), Filipina film and television actress
  • Sara Serna (born 1987), Spanish footballer
  • Viviana Serna (born 1990), Colombian actress and presenter