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There is a rumor that some tradermales want to register an open petition for the Serke sisterhood to intercede in Reugge territories because the Reugge can no longer maintain order.

This pup ambushed and destroyed a ranking sister of the Serke Community.

The Reugge were a minor Community with a short, uneventful past, an offshoot of the Serke that had established independence only seven centuries earlier.

Thus you have a Bestrei among the Serke without a brain at all but in high station because she is invincible in darkwar.

If the Serke keep pressing us and the winter keeps pushing south, we could be devoured within ten years.

And the Serke, as you might expect, have been making the most of the situation.

Gradwohl is leading us in a fight against the Serke, and this is the only way we can battle them.

We suspect that the brethren and the Serke Community have entered into a conspiracy prohibited by the conventions.

The Serke appear willing to spend a great deal, and to risk even more, in order to wrest the north from our paws.

The one who died had a great name in her order, though the Serke aren’t naming it.

Like all the other dark-faring silth have become since we joined the Serke and Redoriad in their interstellar ventures.

Whoever was pulling the strings on the thing would have been high in the Serke council.

Our hypothetical Serke councillor cannot risk losing face by conceding defeat.

She would wrestle the Serke sisters while the darkship crew demolished them with mundane weapons.

Marika fenced the strong Serke sister, and ducked around her occasionally, discovered that hers was the only Serke silth mind still conscious.