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serious music

n. traditional genre of music conforming to an established form and appealing to critical interest and developed musical taste [syn: classical music]

Usage examples of "serious music".

The most resonant stand-up comedy requires a sense of rhythm and pacing, and comedians are often serious music lovers.

While others look at art or read books or surrender to serious music, my mind just razzes me about money, Selina, hard-ons, the Fiasco.

Matzerath, who didn't care for serious music, wanted to banish the nearly deaf musician entirely.

For lack of a replacement it stumbled along, dead but not buried, until somewhere in the mid-90s, then was ignored as serious music.

It was definitely the most serious music he had ever written, and he was quite unsure of its merit.

She went with him in a brushcar to a mating chamber, and after feeding each other several strands of vermiculate food and absorbing sprays of liquid, they settled down to serious music.

He perched on a stool in the shade of a pine, his broad-brimmed hat giving him a little extra cover as he strummed an inadequate, mainly tuneless tune out of his instrument, which was in fact capable of far more serious music.