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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Serie \Se"rie\, n. [Cf. F. s['e]rie.] Series. [Obs.]


n. (context obsolete English) series

Usage examples of "serie".

Wird eine Gruppe zahlreich, so theilt sie sich in Untergruppen, indem sie eine Serie von Theilen bildet, abgestuft in Nuancen nach Neigungen und Geschmack.

Einzelnen werden in diese und jene Serie treten und die Arbeit auf kurze Zeit versuchen.

This, outside, meant climbing a series of ledges, zig-zagging up the curving cliff.

They passed through the gaudy brilliance of Times Square, and then one of the men said something to the driver and the car turned aside into the narrower crosstown streets and began a series of well-calculated maneuvers, which a skillful tail might follow but only at the price of betraying himself.

The theory is that a fairly small launcher is set up, capable of delivering a series of very high-speed missiles.

To the west, downstream, the sink curved out of sight around the base of a series of buttes like ancient battleships sailing in line ahead.

Ih this sense, discrimination imposes upon comparison the primary and fundamental investigation of difference: providing oneself by intuition with a distinct representation of things, and apprehending clearly the inevitable connection between one element in a series and that which immediately follows it.

In a single continuous sentence it is possible to indicate relations of time, of consequence, of possession, and of localization, all of which certainly enter into the subject-verb-predicate series, but cannot be pinned down by so broad a distinction.

Observation, from the seventeenth century onward, is a perceptible knowledge furnished with a series of systematically negative conditions.

In effect, description is to the object one looks at what the proposition is to the representation it expresses: its arrangement in a series, elements succeeding elements.

The solidity, without gaps, of a network of species and genera, and the series of events that have blurred that network, both belong, at the same level, to the epistemological foundation that made a body of knowledge like natural history possible in the Classical age.

The temporal series cannot be integrated into the gradation of beings.

They are concerned, in fact, with linking the table of identities and differences to the series of successive events.

And in order to conceive of the unity of that table and that series they have only two means at their disposal.

Classical theory of money and prices was elaborated during a well-known series of historical experiences.