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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seria is a town in the Belait District of Brunei Darussalam. Its full name is Pekan Seria (Pekan is the Malay word for "Town").

Usage examples of "seria".

The fems, of which Seria was one, were genetically engineered to create sexual harmony through polyamorous relationships.

The way Seria saw it-the obedients these men claimed were not exactly doormats.

The basic idea, Seria, is to create new types of people, individuals whose DNA comes from the intermix of two specific genetic parents, and not a general formula.

That whatever happened consensually between you and this Seria would never be held against you?

The image of beautiful Seria, whom he would soon meet in the flesh, and who would soon be in his charge.

Athletic Seria, lean and healthy, a good, fit woman, finding her place.

With a blonde named Seria who had managed to do something no other woman ever had.

Finally she had gotten Seria to agree to let her design one and this was the scandalous result.

She handed Seria one of the flavorful, intoxicating beverages-something Seria desperately needed.

Seeing Seria walk into the lobby of the Comestitorium was like a sucker punch to the heart.

Reading Seria like an open holobook, seeing below that incredible exterior to her hidden soul.

Nyssa had felt that for Seria to be an effective seductress she needed to know the full score.

Like it or not, having Seria as his own would make all the difference.

The young man really would be lucky to have Seria and it was fun to have a bit of a helping hand.

He proceeded to wrap Seria, covering her completely in the smooth, soft material-silver like her hair.