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n. (plural of serf English)

Usage examples of "serfs".

The burning speck fell like a tiny meteor, to lie winking for a second before one of the Institute outdoor serfs arrived to sweep it up.

Not that it was any serfs business what she did or with whom or where, but she was suddenly tooth-gratingly conscious that the estate rumor mill would be passing news of every straw in her hair and undone button before morning.

Lele was better, but she was so weak and slow… All serfs were, of course.

There were five serfs and one young lady of landholding Citizen family in the roomy cabin.

Some people said serfs didn't think at all, except about things like food and sex and their work, but that wasn't true.

We have serfs enough in the Janissary legions for brute force, to carry rifles and die.

Draka worked with surveyor's transepts and spirit levels to mark the course, swung their whips over the bent backs of the serfs, sat mounted and armed to guard.

Of course, an aircar like this could be driven by road and take off from any convenient open space, but serfs operated machinery by the book.

The serfs were bringing coffee and deserts, blueberry lemonade sorbets and almond flan with fruits and cheeses.

Sullen past his early teens, with that buried-anger feel you got from some serfs, always quarreling with the other houseboys.

Underlighting should have flattered the well-kept prettiness of the serfs face, but somehow brought out the High Asian cast of the strong bones.

The serfs froze, the footsteps halted by the stable doors, and a hand flicked on the lights.

Behind and below them the two figures remained locked together, the Landholder's cheek resting atop the serfs head as she crooned wordless comfort.

Shifting to mechanized agriculture would simply transfer serfs from field labor to making and servicing farm machinery, or into supplying and servicing the resulting industrial workers.

She lay down on the padded massage table, and felt the blood begin to flow under the serfs impersonally skillful hands.