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Serah bat Asher was, in the Tanakh, a daughter of Asher, the son of Jacob. She is one of the seventy members of the patriarch's family who emigrated from Canaan to Egypt, and her name occurs in connection with the census taken by Moses in the wilderness. She is mentioned also among the descendants of Asher in I Chronicles vii. 30. The fact of her being the only one of her sex to be mentioned in the genealogical lists seemed to the Rabbis to indicate that there was something extraordinary in connection with her history; and she became the heroine of several legends.

Serah (actress)

Serah is a South Indian actress. She was introduced to the film industry through a Malayalam film Samastha Keralam P.O opposite Jayaram and Directed by Bipin Prabhakar. She was a model prior to entering the movie industry. She is settled in Ireland.