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abbr. serial n. (context used in some fantasy novels English) An address or courtesy title to any person, especially if their gender and/or form of address are unknown.


Ser or SER may refer to:

  • Surin Elephant Round-up (SER), usually takes place on the third weekend of November in Surin province, Isan, Thailand
Ser (unit)

A ser is an obsolete unit of dry volume in India. In 1871 it was defined as being exactly 1 litre (1.06 quarts). After metrication in the mid-20th century, the unit became obsolete.

SER (magazine)

SER is a Nicaraguan magazine of fashion and lifestyle. Its publication is monthly and it is directed mainly to women. It is published by MADERA & Co., conformed by three sisters: Margina, Denise and Raquel Lopez.

Usage examples of "ser".

Seri, unlike Aris, had actually watched some of the final battles, despite being warned off more than once by the rear ranks.

Even Seri, usually level-headed and calm, had flung herself on Aris, sobbing wildly, in the first hours after.

Now that she was close, Aris realized what Seri had meant about her being like Gird.

They had blown fluff from a seedhead for camp chores: tonight Seri had to dig the jacks, and Aris had to take care of the fire.

My landlord--he was a notary by trade, and by name Ser Torpe--was dismayed to see me in bedgown and slippers.

Erase Khitu and Chai, and Kettrick vanishes as though he had never returned to Ree Darva, leaving only Seri and Larith to remember in discreet silence.

Ser Deziel Dalt had once aspired to marry her, but he was much too dutiful to go against his prince.

In that, in the coil of the hands, flare of the nostril, iron of the mouth, stiffness of the neck, Ser Galen and Duv Galeni were as one.

Fomos direto para o lugar onde a casa seria erguida e mostramos a Segal as belezas do lugar.

The secret door that Ser Osmund had spoken of gaped open behind the ashes, no bigger than an oven.

Ser Osmund Kettleblack paced beside them in his white enamel plate and white wool cloak.

Ser Osmund Kettleblack fell in beside her on the steps, tall and lean in his Kingsguard whites.

Perhaps I need to command Ser Loras to allow Ser Osmund to unhorse him.

She was about to shout for Ser Osmund to defend her when the Knight of Flowers sank to one knee.

Ser Osmund went before her with a torch and Qyburn strolled along beside her.