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abbr. September (gloss: month) alt. September (gloss: month)


Sep or SEP may refer to:

  • September, a month
  • SEP, a Swedish modular armoured vehicle, the Splitterskyddad EnhetsPlattform
  • SEP IRA, a type of retirement pension account used in the United States
  • Sęp, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, a village in Poland
  • Septentrional or Sep., an adjective referring to the North direction or zone, used chiefly on old maps and in English texts influenced by Romance languages
  • Sepultura, a heavy metal band
  • , a Mexican government department

  • , a police unit in Slovenia

  • Signaling End Point, an entity in telecommunications switching protocols
  • American rapper Sean Michael Daley known by his stage name Slug or as Sep Seven
  • Socialist Equality Party (disambiguation), several political parties
  • Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, a Brazilian football team
  • Society for Exact Philosophy
  • Solar Electric Propulsion, a form of Electrically powered spacecraft propulsion
  • Solar energetic particles
  • Somebody else's problem
  • Standards-essential patent
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Stanford Exploration Program
  • Summer Enrichment Program, any of various similarly named programs, including
    • Summer Enrichment Program (University of Colorado)
    • Summer Enrichment Program (University of Virginia)
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection, computer security software
  • South ecliptic pole
  • System Enhancement Package, an upgrade to the M1A2 Abrams main battle tank
  • Somatosensory evoked potential
  • Single Engine Piston, a pilot's rating class
  • Solar Energetic Particle
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
SEP (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "sep".

Right through Max Sentence, through SRB sep, through main engine cutoff.

After CRV sep, it would take twenty-five minutes for the evac vehicle to bring up guidance and landing targets, another fifteen minutes to set up the deorbit burn.

I could dart past the loon, find those wooden steps Sep must have used.

The brigadier will be exonerated from the death of Mr Sep Verner, but is a declared bankrupt.

He thought Sep Verner would cause a minor traffic infringement, a warning.

Meredith thought military desegregation was epochal: SEP, November 10, 1962, p.

The main defense lawyers, Bruce Cutler and Gerry Shargel, finally obtained a court order from judge Glasser to have the defendants moved out of total sep into the general jail population on the grounds that the Bureau of Prisons was breaking its own rules for the treatment of inmates who were not troublemakers.

Matsu islands  23 Aug 195801 Jun 1963 Blue Bat                                             Lebanon                                      15 Jul 195820 Oct 1958 Suez Crisis                                 Egypt                                        26 Jul 195615 Nov 1956 Taiwan Straits                     Taiwan Straits                     11 Aug 195401 May 1955 Korean War                                  Korea                                        27 Jun 195027 July 1953 Berlin Airlift                              Berlin                                       26 Jun 194830 Sep 1949 In these several hundred wars against Communism, terrorism, drugs, or sometimes nothing much, between Pearl Harbor and Tuesday, September 11, 2001, we tended to strike the first blow.

Couldn't Ryan see Joy had no choice but to put Elayne and Christy first, even if her continued sep aration from him was tearing her apart?

They wanted to equip their conveyances with those horrendous weapons of theirs before they were done testing so they could use them on the seps.

Howard, and Frank Belknap Long The Disinterment Sep 1935 Summer 1935The Californian, 3, No.

Of these I have apprised you by triplicates, but for fear of miscarriage will just mention that on Sep.