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n. A subdivision of currency, equal to one hundredth of a Lesotho loti.

  1. n. 100 sente equal 1 loti

  2. [also: listente (pl)]


Sente may refer to:

  • Gote and sente, Go term borrowed from Japanese
  • Sente (software), academic reference manager for Mac OS X
  • Sente Technologies, arcade game developer from the mid-1980s
Sente (software)

Sente is an academic reference manager for Mac OS X and Apple iPad. Sente is free for users with 100 references per library or less. Sente can search and retrieve references from sources like PubMed, Thomson/ISI's Web of Knowledge and any site supporting the Z39.50 or SRU search protocols. Sente also is used to collect and manage related material, such as PDF files. Sente can format bibliographies in many common formats, including APA, Chicago, MLA and others. Sente works with a number of word processors, including Microsoft Word, Pages ( Apple), Mellel, Nisus Writer, and others. Sente for iPad, a free app for the iPad, provides access to Sente libraries on the iPad, and supports adding and editing references, reading and annotating PDFs. Sente libraries can be automatically synchronized across any number of Macs and iPads.

Usage examples of "sente".

But atte laste, to tellen short and pleyn, The sergeantz of the toun of Rome hem soghte, And hem biforn Almache the Prefect broghte, Which hem opposed, and knew al hire entente, And to the ymage of Juppiter hem sente, And seyde, "Whoso wol nat sacrifise, Swap of his heed, this my sentence heer.

And right anoon, withouten moore abood, His baner he desplayeth, and forth rood To Thebesward, and al his hoost biside, No neer Atthenes wolde he go ne ride, Ne take his ese fully half a day, But onward on his wey that nyght he lay- And sente anon Ypolita the queene, And Emelye, hir yonge suster sheene, Unto the toun of Atthenes to dwelle- And forth he rit.

For which, by greet deliberacioun, He sente after a cherl, was in the toun, Which that he knew for subtil and for boold.

And he was proud, and nothyng God ne dradde, And therfore God greet wreche upon hym sente, And hym birafte the regne that he hadde.

A partire dai primi tempi, da quando cioè nessuno aveva molta voglia d'intervistare un autore di libri per ragazzi e la promozione era solo una firma o due in un negozio di libri per bambini, fino alla follia degli ultimi tempi, quando ogni libro pretende di essere pubblicizzato per televisione e per radio, si chiacchiera di cartoni animati nei saggi, si scrivono sui rotocalchi lunghe e intelligenti recensioni, e ci si sente ripetere all'infinito la domanda: Cosa si prova ad avere libri per ragazzi nella classifica dei best-seller per adulti?