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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Senor \Se*[~n]or"\, n. [Sp. Cf. Senior.] A Spanish title of courtesy corresponding to the English Mr. or Sir; also, a gentleman.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from Spanish señor "a gentleman; sir," from Latin seniorem (source also of Portuguese senhor; see senior (adj.)).


Señor or Senor may refer to:

  • Spanish-language honorific meaning Mr.
  • Dan Senor

Usage examples of "senor".

Senor Angers, this I swear on the name of my dead father, rest his soul.

Senor Santoval had two captured Auca families working for him and managed to carry on a lively rubber trade with the Aucas still in the jungle.

San Tome mine had its own unofficial pay list, whose items and amounts, fixed in consultation by Charles Gould and Senor Avellanos, were known to a prominent business man in the United States, who for twenty minutes or so in every month gave his undivided attention to Sulaco affairs.

He crossed his arms on his breast, looking at Senor Avellanos, who had returned to his immobility.

Senor Rioco, who could swear when you arrived, and Senor Barranquilla whoshall we say?

Bud went to sleep, but Tom returned to Senor Castilla and asked to send a message to Mr.

One thing grieves me, Senor, more than any other, which is to think what should be done when your grace conquers a giant or another knight and orders him to appear before the beauty of the lady Dulcinea: where will this poor giant or this poor wretch of a conquered knight find her?

Signor or rather Senor Andrea tried to choose the least wretched inns for me, and after having provided for the mules he would go round the entire village to get something for me to eat.

Senor Archbishop Turpin, it is a great discredit to those of us called the Twelve Peers to do nothing more and allow the courtier knights victory in this tourney, when we, the knights who seek adventures, have won glory on the three previous days.

Senor Mavignier was commandante of Manaos when visited by Agassiz, and presented the Professor with a hundred varieties of wood.

Senor Rivera had served as mayor of a tiny town in the Salvadoran province of Sonsonate.

Stripped of flesh, he would look exactly like Senor Toledo, she decided, yet did not all skeletons look almost exactly alike?

Having lived for years with a long, gangling structure of skin and bones, she saw little to choose between her husband and Senor Toledo.

She found the middle-aged and affable Senor Valiente - who was under observation for bronchial problems dictating letters to a startlingly attractive blonde in a very short skirt, who looked as if she would be more at home on stage as an exotic dancer than in an office.

At the moment I feel like a social worker, walking round with a big smile, handing out a few vitamin tablets and saying good morning, all for sex maniacs like Senor Valiente and Senora Atriega.