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Senné may refer to two villages in Slovakia:

  • Senné, Michalovce District
  • Senné, Veľký Krtíš District

Usage examples of "senne".

The Senne was bricked in, and the fine boulevards du Nord, Anspach, Hainaut and Midi took the place of slums.

There are only five tank destroyers in the camp at Senne, which will be ready today or tomorrow.

It occupies the plain or valley of the Senne, and the sides and crest of the hill lying to the east and south-east of that valley.

The ridge on the west and north-west of the Senne valley never formed part of the town, and it was from it that Villeroi bombarded the city.

Brussel seems to have been derived from Broeksele, the village on the marsh or brook, and probably it was the most used point for crossing the Senne on the main Roman and Frank road between Tournai and Cologne.

The Senne, a small tributary of the Scheldt, flows through the lower town, but since 1868 it has been covered in, and some of the finest boulevards in the lower town have been constructed over the course of the little river.