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Senex (disambiguation)

Senex is a Latin word literally meaning a man of old age. It may specifically refer to:

  • Wise old man, an archetype
  • Stock characters:
    • senex amans, an old man unsuitably in love with a much younger woman
    • senex iratus, an old man who irrationally opposes the love of the young couple
  • Senex, a poem by Sir John Betjeman describing an older man's guilty, but harmless, pleasure in watching young women playing sports
  • Senex, a character in the novel A Wind in the Door, a subcellular creature
  • "Senex", a pen-name of Sir Alan Lascelles in 1950

Usage examples of "senex".

Saint runs ripoff copy agri-droids out of the Kimm systems, sometimes slaves from the Senex Sector.

So he and Chewbacca remained in the Presidential Guest House near the children, with Artoo-Detoo hooked into a printer spilling out starcharts and calculations concerning the Senex Sector and See-Threepio standing happily on the balcony comparing the elaborate Ithorian herd ceremonials taking place in the square below to his internal records of what they were supposed to be.

Grand Admiral wannabes of the various parts of the Imperial Fleet, and whatever Princes of the Ancient Houses in the Senex Sector who think they can grab a piece of power.

To the curious, meaningless death of a woman in the Senex Sector, killed by a man too expensive for the job.

Still, considering how close Belsavis lies to the Senex Sector, Your Excellency, you may want to consider coming into a more protected area.

Tikiars were a favorite, she knew, among the aristocratic Houses both in the Senex Sector and elsewhere.

Too expensive, beyond even the capacity of a coalition of the Senex lords, and the corporations they dealt with would be wary of backing them on major construction.

Irek inclined his head respectfully, and the other Senex Lords gathered around.

Away from her chief of staff, and the Senex Lords whom she sought to impress, all semblance of that shy defenselessness was gone.

Literary Picture Gallery and Admonitory Epistles to the Visitors of Ballston-Spa, by Simeon Senex, Esquire.

Simeon Senex, who promptly passed away, having lived a hugely long life just to do this deed.

Flebant omnes pariter, senex et adultus, Turbae cum militibus, cultus et incultus.

John Senex, esteemed among the richest and best-born citizens in London.

Senex Sector--but I knew there were at least a dozen landing pads out on the ice.

Senex kythed calmly, "Perhaps you don't want to fill it strongly enough.