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n. An Ancient Egyptian board game, probably played as a strategy game similar to chess or go.


Senet (or Senat) is a board game from predynastic and ancient Egypt. The oldest hieroglyph representing a Senet game dates to around 3100 BC. The full name of the game in Egyptian was zn.t n.t ḥˁb meaning the "game of passing".

Usage examples of "senet".

I was sorry not to come when Senet and Aric last met you here, and so had to come this time.

England, Senet, Aric and John had taken wives and set up their own estates within miles of each other.

Only twenty miles separated him from Senet and Aric, and another ten from John.

They were Sir Kayne, Sir Senet Gaillard, Sir Aric, and a man who was only ever called, within my hearing, John Ipris.

At last, only Sir Senet and Sir Aric could keep him from trying once more.

I thought you were fostered at a place called Talwar, or so Sir Gwillym told me, with your close companions, Sir Senet and Sir Aric and a man named John Ipris.

Vellaux, Kayne sent Gwillym to Lomas to make his vow of fealty to Senet, who would be a master worthy of such service, and the day after that he opened his gate to receive custom.

Kayne would take out one of his precious books and sit by his fire to read for an hour before retiring, or perhaps he would bring out ink and costly parchment to write missives to those he held dear, Sir Justin and his wife or Senet, John and Aric.

He looked at Senet and John, who had arrived with their armies after the fighting had begun.

Lady Katharine Gaillard, wife of Sir Senet Gaillard, the lord of Lomas.

And you will have Senet and Aric and John and all their men escorting you as well.

Sir Senet and Sir Aric and Lord John had waited patiently for the journey to begin, for the rain had delayed their time at Vellaux and Sofia knew that they were eager to return to their own estates and more especially their wives and children.

The lord of Gyer, on the other hand, and the earl of Siere, possessed armies that dwarfed the combined forces that Senet and John had gathered together, with the result that there was now assembled against Maltane a massive organization of fighting men such as Kayne had never even seen in France.

It was Senet, tackling him from behind, pulling him down into the damp earth.

More arrows followed, before Sir Griel gave the sharp command to stop them, but Kayne and Senet did not wait for that.