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Senen (meaning Monday in Indonesian) is one of the historic subdistricts of Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The Subdistrict is centered at the 18th-century established Pasar Senen ("Senen Market"). The Subdistrict of Senen is historically one of the oldest market and entertainment areas of Weltevreden. Some of the important landmarks of the Senen subdistrict are the Museum of Indonesian National Awakening (formerly the STOVIA medical school) and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Indonesia.

Senen subdistrict is roughly bounded by a railway line to the east and Ciliwung River to the west. The area is mainly served by Senen railway station and Senen bus terminal which is served by both Transjakarta and Kopaja bus services. Some of the important roads of the area are Kramat Raya Road (the main road that formerly linked Jakarta with Jatinegara) and Senen Raya Road (the focal point of the Senen market).