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vb. (en-third-person singular of: send)

Usage examples of "sends".

But you are right: He does return to Earth once a year -- or else sends an agent.

The governor who owns the house sends for me, has me show him that I can suck right, and sends me back under the dummy.

Your Holiness sends him to God again, he finds himself sent back, as the proverb says, from Herod to Pilate.

Bragadin Asks the Hand of That Young Person for Me--Her Father Refuses, and Sends Her to a Convent--De la Haye--I Lose All my Money at the Faso-table--My Partnership with Croce Replenishes My Purse--Various Incidents The happiness derived from my love had prevented me from attaching any importance to my losses, and being entirely engrossed with the thought of my sweetheart my mind did not seem to care for whatever did not relate to her.

Kisses--that mute, yet expressive language, that delicate, voluptuous contact which sends sentiment coursing rapidly through the veins, which expresses at the same time the feeling of the heart and the impressions of the mind--that language was the only one we had recourse to, and without having uttered one syllable, dear reader, oh, how well we agreed!

He quietly keeps on his way, and the lightning flashes, the thunder sends forth its mighty voice, and the lady shudders with fright.

I am mad, or I am obeying the impulse of a mysterious genius which sends me to Constantinople to work out my fate.

Republic sends every year four galleys to Butintro with a gang of galley slaves to fell trees, cut them, and load them on the galleys, while the military keep a sharp look-out to prevent them from escaping to Turkey and becoming Mussulmans.

Cantarini wishes to speak to you only as a private citizen, as he sends you word to call at his palace and not at the court-house.

There mercy sends the prisoners under sentence of death, and not one of them ever survives a year of imprisonment.

I will leave Vienna as soon as the washerwoman sends home my linen, but I will have the story printed in all its black injustice.

I make no pretentions and, wrong or astray, I place on the paper what heaven sends from my pen.

The Secretary of State for War, who is with me now, wishes to endorse all this, and sends his kindest regards.

II, Bishop of Rome, servant of the servants of God, to all the faithful believers in the one true Church, Catholic and Apostolic, to these chosen ones of the Lord, who are subject to Us as to Peter, the only shepherd appointed by Christ to become the head of His mystical body, sends greetings and the Apostolic Benediction.

And believe me, nobody Elaida sends is likely to join those Aes Sedai in the city.