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Semon may refer to:

  • Larry Semon (1889–1928), American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter during the silent film era
  • Mo Chuaroc moccu Neth Semon (fl. c. 600?), an Irish monk and scholar of the Early Middle Ages
  • Richard Semon (1859–1918), German zoologist and evolutionary biologist
  • Waldo Semon (1898–1999), renowned American inventor born in Demopolis, Alabama

Usage examples of "semon".

He would simply have to prove that the winds had sent Semon for him to care for.

The soft voice came from the corner, where Semon was curled up around himself, eyes large in his face.

Ben deepened the kiss, growling softly as the early-morning flavor of Semon filled him.

He wanted Semon to know how much his One excited him, how desirable and wonderful and wanted his One was.

Semon jerked against him, filling his head with mindless pleasure as Semon came.

Ben was so fascinated with the flavors and feelings of Semon as they rang inside him.

There are in Gruter inscriptions, wherein he has the title of Semon prefixed, and is also styled Sanctus.

I did not even know if Miss Semon is the correct spelling, or if Miss Semone is the correct spelling.