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The Semme (in ) is a long river in the Creuse and Haute-Vienne départements, in central France. Its source is in Saint-Priest-la-Feuille. It flows generally west and is a right tributary of the Gartempe into which it flows near le Bouchard, a hamlet in the municipality of Droux.

In 1918, Manfred von Richthofen, better known as the Red Baron during the First World War, was shot down near the river while pursuing Wilfrid "Wop" May.

Usage examples of "semme".

This would bring her port side into action, which was just what Semmes wanted now, because she had a dangerous list to starboard, where the water was pouring through the shot-holes.

Captain Semmes stepped out onto the flying bridge, smelled the hot, moist air.

Captain Semmes, appears to be the safest way of going about that task.

On his bridge Captain Raphael Semmes looked through his glasses at the two ironclads, Union Jacks flapping and their guns run out.

Captain Semmes said when Sawyer had reported back to him on the bridge.

The only reason Semmes had wanted to arm Negroes was that the war, as it was presently being fought, was going so badly.

President Semmes wants peace, why not go straight to President Roosevelt, who can give it to him?

President Semmes owed me enough to let me know such things, but maybe not.

President Semmes stayed closeted with the British minister till nearly noon, too.

Gabriel Semmes had made a name for himself as a man who went out and did things, not a typical politician.

The Negroes rose up in bloody revolt, and Semmes proposed to reward them for it?

President Semmes said, a shrewd shot that proved he--or his advisors--knew her views well.

President Gabriel Semmes, all sleek and clever, to present their decorations.

Reporters scribbled as Semmes read out the deeds of the heroes he was honoring.

Had Admiral Semmes been supplied with such powder, it is demonstrated, by the facts which have since been established, that the engagement between the Alabama and the Kearsarge would have resulted in a victory for the former.