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selling points

n. (selling point English)

Usage examples of "selling points".

If some of the dockers are swayed by the story, a big part of the plan, one of its thrashed-out selling points, is in big trouble.

That original appellation was before my time, and I confess to a degree of yearning for an age when bars had, in the main, sensible names, and did not pride themselves on serving their own creakingly-titled cocktails, a Choyce Selection of Our Eftim-able Home-Made Pies, Hotpottes And Other Fyne Dishes, and twenty different designer lagers, all of which taste identical, cost the earth and are advertised on the tellingly desperate Unique Selling Points of having a neat logo, a top that is difficult to open or a bottle neck whose appearance is apparently mysteriously enhanced by having a slice of citrus fruit rammed down it.

In fact, the connections, the ins and outs, are strong selling points.

One of the company's selling points was -- and remains -- the presence of the Strategic Air Command in nearby Bellevue.

Ahead of them Simbal could see the boat slips that, along with the famous but faded Australian tennis pro, was one of the condo's main selling points.

I recently bought a VCR, and one of the selling points-one of the things the manufacturer boasted about-was that it was capable of recording programs up to twelve months in advance.

It's one thing to help people I like, and another to break a contract - especially when reliability has always been one of my most important selling points.

The nochildren rule was one of the major selling points for an apartment at the Supermare.

There were places with fancier food, finer drink, and all manner of other selling points.