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Selje is a municipality in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. It is located in the traditional district of Nordfjord. The village of Selje is the administrative center of Selje municipality.

Selje is located at the northwesternmost part of Sogn og Fjordane county. Most of the municipality is located on and around the Stadlandet peninsula as well as some small surrounding islands such as Selja and Barmøya. The Stad Ship Tunnel is a proposed tunnel/canal through a small isthmus connecting the Moldefjorden to the Vanylvsfjorden, and it would prevent the need for boats to travel around the Stad peninsula—a particularly dangerous sea route.

Selje was one of the first three Episcopal sees in Norway ( Oslo, Nidaros, and Selje). After the diocese was moved to Bergen, monks took over the church in Selje, which was later destroyed by pirates in 1536. The municipality of Selje is also home to the Selje Abbey, a former Benedictine monastery located on the island of Selja. There are ruins of the abbey and church can still be seen on the island.

Selje (village)

Selje is the administrative centre of Selje Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The village is located at the southwestern base of the Stadlandet peninsula at the entrance to the Moldefjorden. The village lies about northeast of the town of Måløy and about southwest of the town of Ålesund. The small island of Selja lies just off the coast of the village. The village has a population (2013) of 651, giving the village a population density of . Selje Church is located in the village.

Selje (disambiguation)

Selje is a municipality in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

Selje can also refer to:

  • Selje (village), a village in Selje municipality, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
  • , ferryboat

  • Selja Eparchy, catholic eparchy ca. 1070–1080
  • Selja, an island just off the village mentioned, and where a monastery was situated