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Selim (disambiguation)

Selim may refer to:

  • Selim I the Ottoman (Turkish) sultan reigned 1512–1520
  • Selim II the Ottoman sultan reigned 1566–1574
  • Selim III the Ottoman sultan reigned 1789–1807
  • Selim I Giray Crimean khan reigned four times between 1671–1704
  • Selim Giray Turkish violinist borne in 1970
Selim (horse)

Selim (1802 – 1825) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse. He was owned by the Prince of Wales, D. Radcliffe and later Arthur Shakespear. After retiring from racing he became a successful stallion and was British Champion sire in 1814. His progeny included Azor, Medora, Sultan and Turquoise.