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Selar may refer to:

  • Selar (genus), a genus of fishes in the family Carangidae
  • Dr. Selar, a character in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation

Usage examples of "selar".

This action puzzled Selar somewhat, but things were quickly made clear when Burgoyne spread the blankets out on the sand and dropped down onto one of them.

This could not have been more at odds with his personality, for he had a far more wry outlook to life man just about any other Vulcan Selar could think of.

He knew Selar well enough to know that she would say what was on her mind sooner or later.

Naturally, he covered his surprise, but Selar could tell that he was caught off guard.

In this way, Selar can guard herself from ever again experiencing loss by always being the one who initiates the separation.

I wish I knew whether what I feel for Selar is genuine or a result of the bond that was forced upon me.

As Selar was rounding a corner one day, on her way home, she spotted Burgoyne emerging from a library.

Yet, even though she knew that, Selar still had difficulty with the concept of silencing her child.

It would just be Burgoyne against Selar, each putting forward their case to the best of their abilities.

As Selar walked toward the center of the judgment grounds, she took a deep breath of the burning air and wondered briefly how she could ever have left Vulcan in the first place.

Giniv, with a saturnine face and slightly stocky build, had always been there for her and, frankly, Selar had never quite understood why.

When they were quite young, Giniv had just attached herself to Selar, and Selar had never felt strongly enough about it to tell her to go away.

So Selar had tolerated her presence, and that tolerance had actually developed into a form of friendship.

The uninhibited nature of the scrutiny made Selar feel uncomfortable, but she was not about to admit that.

Granted, no one could possibly think that a Vulcan child should be raised in anything approximating the situation Burgoyne would have to offer, but Selar was going to make absolutely certain that no one thought her anything but the ideal mother.