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SEL may refer to:

  • Signalling Equipment Ltd, a trading name used by the British toy manufacturer J & L Randall
  • Left Ecology Freedom (Sinistra Ecologia Libertà), Italian political party
  • Single-event latchup
  • Social and Emotional Learning, a pedagogy focusing on the study and application of Emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Social Enterprise London
  • Swedish Elite League, the English unofficial name of the former Elitserien ice hockey league
  • Système d'Échange Local, a French Local Exchange Trading System
Sel (given name)

Sel is an Australian masculine given name, and may refer to:

  • Sel Lisle (20th century), Australian rugby league player
  • Sel Murray (born 1917), Australian rules footballer
Sel (disambiguation)

Sel is a municipality in the county of Oppland, Norway.

Sel may also refer to:

  • Nord-Sel, Sel, Norway
  • Sel (given name), an Australian masculine given name
  • Sel (group), a Lithuanian band
  • Sel (orchid), an abbreviation for the Selenipedium genus of the orchid family
Sel (group)

Sel is a quartet of Lithuanian performers. They are well known for their numerous chart-topping singles and albums in the Baltic countries. The group's head is Egidijus Dragunas. The group also contains a DJ, a back-vocalist and songwriter and a non-electronic instrument player. The group's style has changed throughout the years - the first albums created by Sel are usually categorized as Hip-Hop and rock works. With their later albums, Sel turned to a more Acid-House/ R&B style, but still remained loyal to their original fast-paced rap vocals and light crunk. The group has worked with many European artists and created over thirty songs that have ranked high on the top 40 Hottest Lithuanian Songs List.

Usage examples of "sel".

Selim Aga, who till now had been smoking his narghile, silent and unmoved, got up.

In the middle walked the muezzin, on his right Selim Aga, and on the left, sunk hi thought, Nuri Bey.

But old Selim Aga and the other sages led the muezzin into the coffeehouse and ordered coffee, Turkish Delight and a narghile, to calm him down.

About an hour before sunset, on the very same day that Issachar, the son of Selim, had taken more than one Cabala, some horsemen, in disorder, were observed from the walls by the inhabitants of Aleppo, galloping over the plain.

Daoud and Selim were to accompany us, while Abdullah remained at the dahabeeyah on guard.

Seine eigene Entdeckung, dass auch die geistige Produktion, bis in einem gewissen Punkte wenigstens, unter dem Gesetze der Kausalitat steht, dass jedeiner nor geben kann, was er hat, nur hat, was er irgenewoher bekommen, muss such fur ihn selber gelten.

Vandergelts are giving a soiree on Sunday, and Selim will expect you to turn up for his fantasia tomorrow.

There was more than a suggestion of the Tatar about him--rightly so, since he was no more the son of Selim the Grim, than of Hafsza Khatun, princess of Crimea.

Mirza slew Selim and wounded a Circassian, but Shalmar Khor slashed through his arm-muscles, Justus Zehor ran in and stabbed the Kurd in the ribs, and Kojar Mirza went down, snapping like a dying wolf, to be hacked to pieces.

He had made a secret promise that he would find a way to solve the problem, to heal the breach between Naib Dhartha and Selim Wormrider.

He saw that this was not merely a struggle between himself and the hated Naib Dhartha, not a conflict Selim could resolve in his own lifetime.

Selim Wormrider was blind to how much Naib Dhartha had done for the Zensunni people.

Selim could see how the members of her family could be concerned at the idea of her being out alone with a sicko stalker on her tail.

Then, as the monster curved around as if stalking its prey, Selim uprooted the drum, gathered his tools, and motioned for the youth to follow.

Witches pursued their wanchancy calling, bairns were spirited away, young lassies selled their souls to the Evil One, and the Accuser of the Brethren, in the shape of a black tyke, was seen about cottage doors in the gloaming.