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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seise \Seise\, v. t. See Seize.

Note: This is the common spelling in the law phrase to be seised of (an estate).


vb. 1 (context transitive legal English) To vest ownership of a freehold estate in (someone). 2 (context transitive with of legal English) To put in possession. 3 (context dated English) To seize.

Usage examples of "seise".

When, from being lands of which the tenants were virtually seised for life, they passed through some evolution into being the property of the corporation let to freemen or others as the case might be, they might not improbably be sold for the good of the community at large.

We knew there was going to be bad times when Sigward seised us of you.

If, as was very frequently the case, the leased land lay within a manor, the rent was parcel of the manor, /4/ so that there was some ground for saying that one who was seised of the manor, that is, who possessed the lands occupied by the lord of the manor, and was recognized by the tenants as lord, had the rents as incident thereto.

I confess that on this occasion I was seised with a violent hydrophobia.

He was seised in his bed that night and has been never since heard of.