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, more commonly known simply as Seiko , is a Japanese company that manufactures and sells watches, clocks, electronic devices, semiconductors and optical products.

Seiko (disambiguation)

Seiko is a brand name for Japanese clock and watch company Seiko Holdings Corporation.

Seiko may also refer to:

Seiko (given name)

is a Japanese given name, almost exclusively used for females. People that have the name include:

  • Seiko Hashimoto, a politician, former ice speed skater & track cycling sprinter
  • Seiko Matsuda, a singer
  • Seiko Noda, a politician
  • Seiko Yamada, a badminton player
  • , Japanese voice actress

  • Seiko Shinohara, a fictional character in the survival horror video game Corpse Party
  • Seiko ┼îmori, a Japanese anti-idol/folk punk musician