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n. (misspelling of siege English)

Usage examples of "seige".

Since Lord Seiger is a Yorkshireman, I would venture to guess that the work was done by His Grace the Archbishop of York a most pious and powerful Healer.

The telcos, for their part, are an ivory tower under protracted seige.

I came to warn the Birders House here on Topbridge, for our house on Nextdown is virtually under seige, and no sooner set foot upon the street than that gang attacked me.

But I was trapped in Isig by a stubborn winter, delayed in Ymris by a seige of Caerweddin, and requested, just as I was about to embark from Caithnard, in an urgent message from Mathom of An, to get to Anuin.

But I was wary now, back to my normal state of barricaded seige, and I did no more than smile brightly.