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Seger is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bob Seger (born 1945), American rock and roll singer-songwriter and musician
  • Caroline Seger (born 1985), Swedish footballer
  • Francis Seger (1796–1872), New York politician
  • George N. Seger (1866–1940), American politician
  • Josef Seger (1716–1782), Czech organist, composer, and educator

Usage examples of "seger".

The Seger I knew was caring, funny and full of life not paranoia and anger.

I watched Branson and Seger closely and noticed Branson favoring his weapon.

Before Hansen could react, I did the same to Seger, leaving nothing standing between us.

I wrapped my power around Riston and thrust him across the room for Seger to protect.

I bent down and ran my hand through the blood on my stomach, sending Seger into an even bigger struggle to break free.

Hansen, see to it that Seger is controlled and as far from here as possible.

Trust me when I say that the first time Seger ended up with nothing to wear and he realized that his new team leader was female, he shifted back into a wolf and stayed that way the rest of the night.

I trusted Seger, Branson and Jean-Paul to keep me safe through the stage portion of our act.

He somehow managed to keep me from passing over while Seger and Matty fought to heal my body, make it strong enough to not only support me but the babies that Branson had instantly sensed.

Sheetrock or clunked around on his steel-spring stilts, whistling along with his Bob Seger and Springsteen tapes.

With Kevin, they were getting heavily into Led Zeppelin, Ted Nugent, and Bob Seger, and Bill started saving up for a Fender Stratocaster and an amp.

I said, handing her a glass of beer, watching as she put a Bob Seger record on the turntable.

She had wanted to sing backup for somebody like Bob Seger, but it was really hard getting a gig in this town.

Tom Cruise since he had danced around the White House in his underwear, lip-synching to Bob Seger, much to the embarrassment of his daughters and their friends.