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Sefer (Hebrew)

Sefer in Hebrew means any kind of " book" (plural s'farim). It is derived from the same Hebrew root-word as sofer (" scribe"), sifriyah (" library") and safrut (" literature").

Among Orthodox Jews the word is used for books both of the Tanakh, the oral law ( Mishnah and Talmud) or any work of Rabbinic literature. Works unrelated to Torah study are rarely called sefer by English-speaking Orthodox Jews. Among Hebrew-speaking Ashkenazi Jews, the differentiation between books related to Torah study and other books is made by referring to the former with traditional Ashkenazi pronunciation (SEY-fur) and to the latter with Modern Hebrew pronunciation (SEF-fer).

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Sefer may refer to:

  • Sefer (Hebrew), a term for a book

Usage examples of "sefer".

I will tell you a tale my own master told me, about the Sefer Raziel and the disobedience of Rahab.

He was, for Lilit disdained to serve beneath Edom and fled, taking with her the Sefer Raziel.

Provisions as well as their preparation were so bad that Sefer Pasha, an invalid, confined himself to a diet of potatoes and eggs.