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SEF may refer to:

  • Sankara Eye Foundation, a non-profit that works for eradicating curable blindness in India
  • Science Education Foundation
  • Search Engine Friendly, a way to format URLs for search engine optimization
  • Self-Extinguishing Fabric, part of a brand name for modacrylic fiber
  • ServiƧo de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, Portuguese Border and Alien Service
  • SharePoint & Exchange Forum, an annual 2-day conference in Stockholm, Sweden, hosted by HumanData
  • Short Edge Feed, a direction to feed paper to printers. Also used in combination with the paper size, e.g. A4 SEF
  • Sicher/Einzelfeuer/FeuerstoƟ, a trigger grouping used on Heckler & Koch guns such as the MP5
  • Sinfonia Educational Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Fraternity
  • Small Enterprise Foundation, a microfinance institution operating primarily in the Limpopo province of South Africa
  • Social Engine Forum, an unofficial virtual collaborative community for SocialEngine software related contents
  • South Eastern Freeway, a Freeway in Australia
  • Spectral edge frequency, a measure used in signal processing
  • Stadio Erinis & Filias, the Greek name for Peace and Friendship Stadium, an indoor sports arena in Athens
  • Straits Exchange Foundation, a semi-official organization of Taiwan that deals with the business matters with China
  • Supplementary eye fields, areas in the primate brain that are involved in planning and control of saccadic eye movements
  • Sustainable Energy Forum, a New Zealand NGO promoting sustainable energy
  • Sustainable Environment Fund Act, created by the government of British Columbia, Canada in 1990
  • Swap Execution Facility, a platform for regulated trading and clearing of swaps to be required in the United States by the Dodd-Frank bill
  • Swedish Electricians' Union, a trade union in Sweden
  • Swedish Esperanto Federation, an organization of Esperanto speakers in Sweden

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  • Sef, Iran (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "sef".

They had space, their own settlements including finer hibernatories, better than those on their home planets, Clarf and Sef, although there was considerably more prestige in going to a Clarf facility.

The sef of course immediately informed the Securitate, and it was good-bye Orfelinat, and hello Institut Limba Strain.

I will tell you a tale my own master told me, about the Sefer Raziel and the disobedience of Rahab.

He was, for Lilit disdained to serve beneath Edom and fled, taking with her the Sefer Raziel.

Provisions as well as their preparation were so bad that Sefer Pasha, an invalid, confined himself to a diet of potatoes and eggs.

And I have decided that you will cause just as much trouble with the excellent team at Sef as you would here, so you are going bact( to Blundell, MOVE!

The initial 'Dini swarm from Clarf and Sef managed miracles in their first forty hours on Talavera, assembling prefabricated headquarters buildings, living quarters, storage barns, ground vehicles and heavy earth-moving machinery, making landing cradles for all sizes of incoming drone deliveries as well as personnel carriers.

They would use the notarikon, the gematria, the temurah, treating the disks like the Torah, and therefore would require as much time as had passed since the writing of the Sefer Yesirah.

He got David of Betelgeuse to release his T-1 son, Perry, to take charge of Clarf Tower, borrowing Yoshuk from the Sef Tower until Perry became comfortable with the peculiarities of the planet.

Cows and horses in the fields had any number of legs and even heads, and looked like creatures put together by a bunch of drunks and then painted in outlandish patterns- Trees in places looked like nothing they'd ever sefen, and some grew upside down, roots high in the air, while others had weird looking fruit.

Kitty watched near-hysterical men cluster about the Sefer Torah wailing and moaning.