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vb. (en-archaic second-person singular of: see)

Usage examples of "seest".

But when he standeth on his somewhat long legs, and thou seest that his under parts be white, why, even a Frenchman would know he was no pigeon, but must be the peewit or lapwing.

It is a matter of a short distance from the south end of the Isle, and thou wilt not fail to know it when thou seest it.

I told my Lord of eight, and myself was the ninth, who should assuredly have drunk of the same cup, but that through craft, I, as thou seest, have made mine escape from them.

O my Mansoul, thou seest what I have done, and how I have taken thee out of the hands of thine enemies: unto whom thou hadst deeply revolted from my Father, and by whom thou wast content to be possessed, and also to be destroyed.

All they will be glad in thee, and thou, when thou seest them, shalt be glad in thine heart.

THE COSMIC CALENDAR What seest thou else In the dark backward and abysm of time?

Thou seest not that thy brother is thy rival: But I must hide it, for I know thy temper.

That he forgets his sleep, and loathes his food That youth, and health, and war, are joyless to him: Describe his anxious days, and restless nights, And all the torments that thou seest me suffer.

But do thou show my person to no one, when thou seest us come to meet time, but keep it secret in thy mind, lest thou anger me still more than thou didst anger me before so recklessly.

Now can thy men take the daughter of the emperor, if thou wilt trust my words, while thou seest the Greeks desperately bent on the fight and on the battle.

I knowest an English knight when I seest one, and if here be an English knight then Sir Malud be a Saracen!