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vb. (en-third-person singular of: seesaw)

Usage examples of "seesaws".

In the logicless way of dreams, the grassy field transformed itself into an idyllic playground, with slides and swings and seesaws and toys strewn everywhere.

The swings, seesaws, and jungle gyms were unused on this Sunday morning.

In the grey-rinsed light, rising from the rain-dimpled water, the jungle gyms and the seesaws and the elaborate swing sets appeared strange to Joe, not at all like what they were, but like a steel-pipe Stonehenge more mysterious even than the ancient rock megaliths and trilithons on England's Salisbury Plain.

Around her stood the usual array of swings and seesaws and jungle gyms and slides, casting crisp shadows in the peculiar orange light of day's end.

I also see lots of children here on the swings and seesaws, or playing here in the sandbox.