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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seeress \Seer"ess\, n. A female seer; a prophetess.


n. A female seer.

Usage examples of "seeress".

Padrin, as he had taken to calling the seeress consort, sat in a chair not far away.

Recognizing the handsome man from the laboratory, Candra glared at him until Farlo introduced him as the seeress consort.

His mind was whirring, trying to figure out how to beat those odds and return to find protection, with the seeress or Uncle Padrin if need be.

The seeress glanced at him for a moment, her lovely face puffy from crying, and she shook her head.

It was ironic, thought Farlo, that so much had changed that the pilot of a shuttlecraft made demands to the seeress of Aluwna and was appeased.

Although Farlo smiled, the seeress narrowed her eyes with annoyance at Uncle Padrin.

Fuzwik squirmed uncomfortably in his seat as he sat in the presence of Overseer Tejharet, Seeress Jenoset, and his fellow Seeress consort, Padrin.

Then it became clear that very little the seeress did could shock him for very long, and he had grown sullen and distracted.

The elegant seeress glanced pointedly at Farlo and granted him a smile.

When the door whooshed shut, Seeress Jenoset turned to the regent and crossed her arms.

Regent Karuw strode over to the platform and took her place beside the seeress, who was trembling.

Marla turned to look at Seeress Jenoset, whose stunned face was barely visible behind the visor in her helmet.

He was met by the two strong-willed women he had seen the night before: the older, scholarly regent, Marla Karuw, and the regal beauty, Seeress Jenoset.

We know that the overseer and the seeress came back here alone for one unit of time after dinner and then the seeress and the regent went down to Aluwna.

Then the seeress returned to the ship, apparently was alone for some time, then spent the rest of the night with me.