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Santacruz Electronics Export Processing Zone (SEEPZ) is a Special Economic Zone in Mumbai, India. Situated in the Andheri East area, it is subjected to liberal economic laws as compared to the rest of India to promote rapid economic growth using tax and business incentives and attract foreign investment and technology. Seepz was created in 1973 and was seen as export processing zone. Since then many other SEZ’s have been created in rest of India. SEEPZ mainly houses Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Companies, Software Companies and jewellery exporters of India. More than 40 percent of India’s total jewelry exports ($2,222.31 million) out of $5,210.69 million during year 2006-2007 came from units within SEEPZ. Despite its name, it is not located near the suburb of Santacruz, rather it is located closer to Andheri that lies further north.