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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ There was some oil seepage from the valves in the car's engine.
▪ A more sinister development is the seepage of nitrate into aquifers which are used as sources of the domestic water supply.
▪ By the sampling point there is an iridescence on the water which regularly fans out, indicating a seepage of oil.
▪ However, this seepage was slight and not a problem.
▪ Manure seepage from storage areas is polluting waterways and evaporating ammonia is contributing to acid rain.
▪ Most homes in town get some water in their basements, mostly due to seepage from the rain.
▪ No one in town has taken floodwater, though some basements are wet from seepage.
▪ This will prevent water seepage into the building.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seepage \Seep"age\, or Sipage \Sip"age\, n. Water that seeped or oozed through a porous soil. [Scot. & U. S.]


Seepage \Seep"age\, n.

  1. The act or process of seeping; percolation.

  2. a fluid that seeps out of a container; as, seepage from a reservoir.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1825, from seep + -age.


n. 1 the process by which a liquid leaks through a porous substance; the process of seeping 2 water that seeped or oozed through a porous soil


n. the process of seeping [syn: ooze, oozing]

Seepage (EP)

Seepage is the second EP by rapper Tech N9ne, and was released on October 25, 2010. The EP consists of five tracks that were written recently after Tech witnessed Krizz Kaliko's breakdown after receiving bad news, and soon after, receiving news that his mother was back in the psych ward. The beats that appear on the EP were purchased by the artist intended for his studio album K.O.D. but went unused during the sessions. The EP, just like K.O.D. and the Lost Scripts, is broken up into 3 sections: "Anger", "Madness" and "The Hole". When the instrumentals used in Seepage were slated for the K.O.D album, Tech N9ne intended for the track titled 'Alucard' to feature Immortal Technique on a track called 'Every Man For Himself.' Necro revealed on Twitter that Tech reached out to him for the track 'Asshole' but wasn't able to send out his verse on time. The EP sold 7,361 copies first week, of which 68% were digital. Seepage debuted at number 57 on the Billboard 200 and number 5 on the Independent Albums charts in the US. The songs' title track featuring Tonesha Sanders peaked at #49 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs chart and #35 on the Rao Digital Songs chart.

Usage examples of "seepage".

Inside the Snake Den all was amorphous liquid mud, owing to the copious seepage.

Anchors and hell to pay with atmospherics, stream flow, and natural drainage and seepage.

Perhaps in a few months a slow seepage, rich in minerals, would return to these passages and gradually glue their bodies to the rocks where they sat, to seal their crypt and lapidify their bones.

Speedily, the bartender dragged the hooded creature back to a darker part of the alley, trailing a slight seepage of blood.

In that case the process, the seepage, is perhaps preconceptual, physiological, glandular.

It must have been through this thought seepage that I caught the first of his unprojected brain-images.

Yet the fact remains that many of the first wells were drilled at points of seepage on the eastern escarpment.

High on the right-hand slope of the gulch lay a notch, a little blind basin watered by the seepage from a sidehill spring, and there on the green bed of it a dozen cows with their calves grazed undisturbed.

Our Host was coarse teocentli cake, our precious Drink was muddy water from river seepage in a low hollow in our floor, but we felt spiritually encouraged and ready for our fate.

Some of the silty islets stayed in place several years, long enough for small trees to send down tenuous roots, only to be washed away at the vicissitude of seasonal flood or eroding seepage.

Typically, the seepages are tarry (asphaltlike), but a young seepage, or one warmed up by the sun, may become more liquid and flow.

No pooling of blood in the chest or abdominal cavity, either, though I was getting some seepage.

The interface is beginning to be affected by seepage of cerebrospinal fluid.

Gutters carved in the limestone spiraled down the walls so water seepage could run into deep drainage basins.

You aren't going to see dust devils at the downwind edge of a full parking lot, just a generalized seepage of dead and decayed wind.