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vb. (en-third-person singular of: seem)

Usage examples of "seems".

These look so peaceful, with their dormer-windowed cottages clustering about their church-spires, that it seems impossible they could once have been the homes of the savages and the cruel peasants who, with fire-brand and scalping-knife and tomahawk, harassed the borders of New England for a hundred years.

It seems to me a proof of the small advance our race has made in true wisdom, that we find it so hard to give up doing anything we have meant to do.

Besides, it seems to me that our experience of life has quieted us in many other ways.

In either you are at once made at home by a perception of its greatness, in which there is no quality of aggression, as there always seems to be in minor places as well as in minor men, and you gratefully accept its sublimity as a fact in no way contrasting with your own insignificance.

Niagara is really what it seems to us now, do so many bridal parties come here?

The problem which vexes us seems to have been solved pleasantly enough in Canada.

It would be a pity, however, if it should be parted from the parent country merely to be joined to an unsympathetic half-brother like ourselves and nothing, fortunately, seems to be further from the Canadian mind.

At every moment, in passing through this ideally neat and pretty village, our tourists must think of the lovely poem of which all French Canada seems but a reminiscence and illustration.

It seems to me that I make out a checkered pattern on top and a flowered or arabesque pattern underneath.

I daresay that the place is now swarming with bridal couples, and it is because they are invisible and inaudible to us that it seems such a howling wilderness.

There seems to be something in the human habitation that corrupts the natures of those who deal in it, to buy or sell it, to hire or let it.

Fulkerson got us together, and really seems to know what he did it for, I should say he was the oddest stick among us.

Dryfoos seems, somehow, to take the poetry and the pleasure out of the thing.

She was of the church which seems to have found a reversion to the imposing ritual of the past the way back to the early ideals of Christian brotherhood.

I say a little dinner because the idea of that seems to cover the case, even if we vary the plan a little.