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vb. (obsolete spelling of seem English)

Usage examples of "seeme".

Laud, should by his Councells be ye authoure of very great troubles to ye Kingdome, by which it should be reduced to ye extremity of disorder and confusion, and that it should seeme to be past all hope of recovery without a miracle, but when all people were in dispayre of seeing happy days agayne, ye Kingdome should suddenly be reduced and resettled agayne in a most happy condition.

Then a green reed inspired by divine inspiration, with a gratious tune and melody gan say, O Psyches I pray thee not to trouble or pollute my water by the death of thee, and yet beware that thou goe not towards the terrible sheepe of this coast, untill such time as the heat of the sunne be past, for when the sunne is in his force, then seeme they most dreadfull and furious, with their sharpe hornes, their stony foreheads and their gaping throats, wherewith they arme themselves to the destruction of mankinde.

After this we came to a faire Citie very populous, where our shepheards determined to continue, by reason that it seemed a place where they might live unknowne, far from such as should pursue them, and because it was a countrey very plentifull of corne and other victuals, where when we had remained the space of three dayes, and that I poore Asse and the other horses were fed and kept in the stable to the intent we might seeme more saleable, we were brought out at length to the market, and by and by a crier sounded with his horne to notifie that we were to be sold : all my companion horses were bought up by Gentlemen, but as for me I stood still forsaken of all men.

And then if any accord not to her filthy desire, or if they seeme loathsome in her eye, by and by in the moment of an houre she turneth them into stones, sheep or some other beast, as her selfe pleaseth, and some she presently slayeth and murthereth, of whom I would you should earnestly beware.

But Cupid followed her downe, and lighted upon the top of a Cypresse tree, and angerly spake unto her in this manner : O simple Psyches, consider with thy selfe how I, little regarding the commandement of my mother (who willed mee that thou shouldst bee married to a man of base and miserable condition) did come my selfe from heaven to love thee, and wounded myne owne body with my proper weapons, to have thee to my Spowse : And did I seeme a beast unto thee, that thou shouldst go about to cut off my head with a razor, who loved thee so well?

And sooth it seemes they say: for he may notFor euer die, and euer buried beeIn balefull night, where all things are forgot.

As he that striues to stop a suddein flood,And in strong banckes his violence enclose,Forceth it swell aboue his wonted mood,And largely ouerflow the fruitfull plaine,That all the countrey seemes to be a Maine,And the rich furrowes flote, all quite fordonne:The wofull husbandman doth lowd complaine,To see his whole yeares labour lost so soone,For which to God he made so many an idle boone.

Her faconde* eke full womanly and plain, *speech No counterfeited termes hadde she To seeme wise.

WHat man so wise, what earthly wit so ware,As to descry the crafty cunning traine,By which deceipt doth maske in visour faire,And cast her colours dyed deepe in graine,To seeme like Truth, whose shape she well can faine,And fitting gestures to her purpose frame.

Sir Knight it seemes to me,That thorough euill rest of this last night,Or ill apayd, or much dismayd ye be,That by your change of cheare is easie for to see.

Neither let us declare her good fortune to our father, nor to any other, since as they seeme not happy whose riches are unknowne : so shall she know that she hath sisters no Abjects, but worthier than she.

There is continuall spring, and haruest thereContinuall, both meeting at one time:For both the boughes doe laughing blossomes beare,And with fresh colours decke the wanton Prime,And eke attonce the heauy trees they clime,Which seeme to labour vnder their fruits lode:The whiles the ioyous birdes make their pastimeEmongst the shadie leaues, their sweet abode,And their true loues without suspition tell abrode.

Hee aggravates the business as much as hee can to the prejudice of my Master to value his owne service the more, and they seeme here to wonder that the King my Master should have imployed or countenanced a man that had so base a design against the King's Person, I had a great deal of discourse with Monsieur about it, but I did positively say that he had noe relation to my knowledge to the King my Master, and if he should have I make a question or noe whither in this case the King will owne him.