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Sedis may refer to :

  • Acta Apostolicae Sedis, the official gazette of the Holy See, appearing about twelve times a year
  • Acta Sanctae Sedis was a Roman monthly publication containing the principal public documents issued by the Pope, directly or through the Roman Congregations
  • Apostolicæ Sedis was a papal constitution promulgated by Pope Pius IX on 12 October 1869
  • Incertae sedis is a term used to define a taxonomic group where its broader relationships are unknown or undefined
  • Suburbicarii Sedis are Roman Catholic dioceses in the vicinity of Rome, whose bishops form the highest-ranking order of Cardinals, the Cardinal Bishops
  • Sedis Bàsquet, a women's basketball team of La Seu d'Urgell, Spain
  • Sedis, French chain manufacturer owned by Tube Investments of India Limited since 2010

Usage examples of "sedis".

Ut aut ipse inter utrosque more suae sanctitatis agnoscat, aut causam deleget aequitatis studio terminandam: et si forte, quod credi nefas est, competens desiderium fuerit petitoris elusum, tuno ad saecularia fora jurgaturus occurrat, quando suas petitiones probaverit a supradictae sedis praesule fuisse contemptas.