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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sedgy \Sedg"y\, a. Overgrown with sedge.

On the gentle Severn"s sedgy bank.


a. Of, pertaining to, or covered with sedge.


adj. covered with sedges (grasslike marsh plants)

Usage examples of "sedgy".

This was an outlying plot of neglected ground belonging to their farm, two sedgy meadows, hedged by banks on which grew oaks and ashes.

They went on into the sedgy grass and the curlew continued to circle, vanishing and reappearing from behind the trees, always uttering those shrill cries.

It was like a new world, so different was it from the sand-hills and the sedgy levels of Henlopen.

A vast sedgy swamp with water in the middle, thin fringes of great fern-trees, and here and there a disconsolate tree like a weeping-willow, and at the end of this lake and swamp, which all together formed a triangle, was a barren hill without a blade of vegetation on it, and a sort of jagged summit Hazel did not at all like the look of.

On the last day of June we marched out of Wells, and made our way across flat sedgy plains and over the low Polden Hills to Bridgewater, where we found some few recruits awaiting us.

I scrambled along the sedgy margin, not daring to lift my eyes till I was on the temple steps.

It was like a new world, so different was it from the sand hills and the sedgy levels of Henlopen.

On the sedgy brink where the osiers cling Lay a dead man, pallid and wan.

The solider and more permanent part of Fairport was well withdrawn from the sandy, sedgy stretches that bordered on tidewater.

Beside this deserted village, even Calamity Pond, shallow, sedgy, with its ragged shores of stunted firs, and its melancholy shaft that marks the spot where the proprietor of the iron-works accidentally shot himself, is cheerful.

There she stands, drawn up high and dry upon the sedgy bank of Thames, like an old warrior resting after his toil.

There, at the sedgy rim of the brown river, he lazily trawled for trout.

Big Baddeck, a black, sedgy, lonesome stream, to Middle River, which debouches out of a scraggy country into a bayou with ragged shores, about which the Indians have encampments, and in which are the skeleton stakes of fish-weirs.

The two golden horses bolted in panic across the rough sedgy pasture that stretched away from the wood.

Dohmn pulled them on regardless, and the sledge, now markedly lighter, almost skimmed over the sedgy valley floor.