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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

home service on the first nights of Passover, 1865, from Hebrew sedher "order, procedure," related to sedherah "row, rank."


n. 1 (context Judaism English) The ceremonial meal held on the first night or two nights of Passover. 2 (context Judaism English) One of the 54 parts into which the Torah is divided.

Seder (disambiguation)

Seder (; plural: סדרים sedarim) is a Hebrew word meaning "order" or "sequence" and may mean:

Seder (Bible)

A seder (plural: sedarim) is part of a biblical book in the Masoretic Text of the Hebrew Bible.

Usage examples of "seder".

Horseradish, will be married to cutie beauty Heather Greenblotz in Jerusalem shortly after a joint family seder.

We memorize Passover trivia and go over the items Dad will point to on the seder plate.

It is included in the Haggadah, the book that Jews read aloud while conducting the seder, the festive meal they are required to eat on the holiday of Passover.

On holidays, she celebrated in muted fashion-a polite Pesach Seder and a Yom Kippur fast.

While a jocund Hebraic tumult of Passover songs and chants resounded from three enormous horseshoe-shaped seder tables, he maintained a tolerant Christian beam, and over the dessert wine he disclosed half-humorously to his table guests, mainly journalists and broadcasters, that there were fifty security agents aboard.

A third-generation Parisian Jew, he was quite indifferent to Passover rules and customs, but the Queen Elizabeth 2 had ten rabbis aboard to conduct seders and services for seven hundred passengers, and the cruise was billed as strictly kosher, which, if serious, meant matzo instead of bread for Jewish passengers.

There was a tiny wriggle to it, a random nonrepetitive Seder of little hiccups and these moved steadily leftward.

On March 27, a suicide bomber killed 29 and injured 140 at a Passover seder.