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When the rights of nature and poverty were thus secured, it seemed reasonable, that a stranger, or a distant relation, who acquired an unexpected accession of fortune, should cheerfully resign a twentieth part of it, for the benefit of the state.

When at length, after an obstinate struggle, he yielded to the power of the empire, Civilis secured himself and his country by an honorable treaty.

Severus considered the Roman empire as his property, and had no sooner secured the possession, than he bestowed his care on the cultivation and improvement of so valuable an acquisition.

Elint towers, odd-shaped antennas secured in cement, warning signs, and radomes that looked like giant Ping-Pong balls were erected.

It was secured with what locksmiths refer to as a wafer lock, notoriously easy to pick, even for fairly clumsy, amateur lock-pickers like us.

Sensitive areas must be secured Policy: A security guard will screen access to sensitive or secure areas and should require two forms of authentication.

Network and phone cabinets Policy: Cabinets, closets, or rooms containing network cabling, phone wiring, or network access points must be secured at all times.

Any written passwords must be secured in a safe place away from the computer.

But the same salutary maxims of government, which had secured the peace and obedience of Italy were extended to the most distant conquests.

Such a uniform conduct had already secured to Pertinax the noblest reward of a sovereign, the love and esteem of his people.

The excessive increase of their pay and donatives exhausted the state to enrich the military order, whose modesty in peace, and service in war, is best secured by an honorable poverty.

Their poverty secured their freedom, since our desires and our possessions are the strongest fetters of despotism.

From such dangers the unpolished wives of the barbarians were secured by poverty, solitude, and the painful cares of a domestic life.

But the Romans were irritated to a still higher degree, when they discovered that they had not even secured their repose, though at the expense of their honor.

Some obscure hints are mentioned of a doubtful combat that secured their retreat.