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SEB or Seb, a diminutive of the given name Sebastian, may refer to:

SEB (band)

SEB is a Danish band. Winner of the 2006 MGP, its members are Sebastian Øberg Nilsen, Magnus N. Kaiser and Mathias (Claus Bjeld). They are from Zealand Allerød. The song that they won MGP Nordic and MGP in Denmark, is called Tro på os to. Tro på os to is about the girlfriend of Sebastian she left him before he plays at MGP and soon after he won she decided to go back with him.

Times after winning the music contest, the band turned down the record deal with Universal due to the excessive focus on their personal profiles and a lack of focus on their musical creativity. The band members were from 13–16 years old. Their songs are mostly about love. The name of their songs in English are: Tro på os to- Believe in you and I, Jeg savner dig- I miss you, Hvor svært kan det være- How difficult can it be, Dig og Mig- You and I

More recently, in April 2013, Sebastian decided to reband "SEB" with new members. They released a single called Try, this time, Sebastian is singing in English.