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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Seavy \Seav`y\, a. Overgrown with rushes. [Prov. Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"overgrown with rushes," 1680s, from seave "rush" (c.1400), from Old Norse sef.


a. (context UK dialect English) overgrown with rushes

Usage examples of "seavy".

One by one Privates Taz, Kimura, Pesta, Seavy, Kashtoon, and Horo-Ba were rousted out of their sleeping bags and ordered to attend a team briefing.

It seems that Santana, Hillrun, Dietrich, Taz, Kimura, Pesta, Seavy, and Horo-Ba are all alive and their way in.

Dodging tourists was part of living in Seavy Village -- just like the traffic and the foggy mornings and the pounding surf in the middle of the night.

The forest, as everyone was calling it, was most visible in Seaview Beach, which was a mile south of Seavy Village.

In fact, most tourists thought the town of Seaview Beach was still a part of Seavy Village.

We were wet by the time we crossed the bridge over the Dee River, the divider between Seavy Village and Seaview Beach.

I was having trouble imagining staying in Seavy Village for another six months.

He pulled beside the old cellar hole where the Seavy place burned flat to the ground and was halfway to the lake when it hit him.