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n. (alternative spelling of sea star English)


SeaStar or Sea Star may refer to:

  • Starfish, an echinoderm belonging to the class Asteroidea
  • AAC SeaStar, a two-seat biplane from Canada
  • Dornier Seawings Seastar, an amphibious aircraft with two engines in a push-pull configuration
  • MV Sea Star, a supertanker
  • SeaStar Aircraft SeaStar, a two-seat monoplane from Hungary
  • Sea Star Awards, Argentine entertainment awards
  • SeaStar, or OrbView-2, the satellite hosting the SeaWiFS instrument
  • SeaStar, the communications processors in Cray XT3 and XT4 supercomputers
  • Lockheed T2V SeaStar

Usage examples of "seastar".

Dragon she placed, in her memory, a seastar such as she had once seen in tide pools along the Andallan coast.