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vb. (en-third-person singular of: sear)


Sears (officially Sears, Roebuck & Co.) is an American chain of department stores. Sears is mainly known for its appliances, hardware, and clothing. The company was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1886; it was previously based in the Sears Tower in Chicago, and is currently headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. It began as a mail order catalog company, and began opening retail locations in 1925. The company was bought by the American discount store chain Kmart in 2005, which was in bankruptcy at the time and renamed itself Sears Holdings upon completion of the merger. In terms of domestic revenue, Sears was the largest retailer in the United States until October 1989, when it was surpassed by Walmart. It is the fifth-largest American department store company by sales as of October 2013 (behind Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Home Depot), and it is the twelfth-largest retailer in the country overall. It operates divisions in Canada and Mexico, among several subsidiaries within its brand.

Sears (Mexico)

Sears Roebuck de México is a department store chain located in Mexico, operating more than 75 stores all over Mexico. Sears México is operated by Grupo Carso.

Sears (disambiguation)

Sears is a surname. It may refer to:

  • Sears, a chain of department stores in the United States
  • Sears Canada, a chain of department stores in Canada
  • Sears Holdings Corporation, parent of Sears and other companies
  • Sears plc, a former British holdings company
  • Sears Seating, also known as Sears Manufacturing, a designer and manufacturer of suspension and non-suspension seating systems
  • Sears (Mexico), a chain of department stores in Mexico
  • Eleonora Sears (1881 - 1968), American national tennis champion
  • Francis Sears (1898 - 1975), American physicist
  • Freddie Sears (b. 1989), English professional footballer
  • Leslie Sears (1901 - 1992), English cricketer
  • Mary Sears, more than one person
  • Minnie Earl Sears (1873 – 1933), American librarian, cataloguer, and bibliographer who formulated the Sears Subject Headings, a simplification of the Library of Congress Subject Headings
  • Richard Sears (disambiguation), more than one person, including:
    • Richard Warren Sears (1863 – 1914), American manager, businessman, and co-founder of Sears, Roebuck and Company
  • Robert Sears (1884 – 1979), American fencer and modern pentathlete
  • Varley F. Sears, Canadian physicist
  • William Sears (disambiguation), more than one person
  • Scotland's Environmental and Rural Services (SEARS), a partnership of environmental agencies
  • , a United States Navy oceanographic survey ship in commission since 2001

  • Sears Building (disambiguation), more than one building

Usage examples of "sears".

Harry Sears and I took the initial squeal on this one, and eyeball witnesses said there were two male Mexicans in the car.

Then Harry Sears, looking twice as sloppy as he did in the morning, poked his head in the doorway.

We gabbed cops and robbers and fight stuff with him, and afterward he kicked back a good bottle of bourbon, that Lee always kicked back to Harry Sears to keep us greased up with good tips from Homicide.

Lieutenant Millard, Sergeant Sears, Sergeant Blanchard and Officer Bleichert, go to Mr.

On the street, reporters and camera jockeys were pouring out of cars, Harry Sears and a cordon of blues standing at the ready to hold them back.

Harry Sears gave the press a handout that Russ Millard composed, the straight dope of everything except the gutting of the stiff.

Lieutenant Millard is exec, Sergeant Sears is the runner between divisions.

Russ Millard, Harry Sears and Lee followed them, the Homicide exec shaking his head.

The steno nun caught up with her note taking and Millard and Sears eyeballed the stiff deadpan while Lee stared at the floor, wiping sweat from his brow.

Harry Sears, half gassed, was waltzing around the Negro cleaning Woman, introducing her as the real Black Dahlia, the best colored songbird since Billie Holliday.

Millard and Sears were waiting for us on the steps of Georgia Street Juvenile Hall.

Thinking of prowling for Lee, I took the elevator down to the parking lot and saw Russ Millard and Harry Sears walking toward the back stairs.

Harry Sears that she had heard Lee was going to be dismissed from the LAPD if he did not show up within thirty days of the time he vanished.

The Short case moved from headlines to back pages, tips fell off to almost zero, everyone but Russ Millard and Harry Sears went back to their regular assignments.

In a town as small and quiet as Quinn, where a badge would have sufficed, Sears insisted on wearing a side arm.