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search and rescue

alt. An effort to save persons whose locations are not precisely known from hazardous situations. n. An effort to save persons whose locations are not precisely known from hazardous situations.

Search and rescue

International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) is a UN organization that promotes the exchange of information between national urban search and rescue organizations. The duty to render assistance is covered by Article 98 of the UNCLOS.

Search and Rescue (TV series)

Search and Rescue is the title of a family-oriented adventure television series which was a co-production of the CTV television network in Canada and NBC in the United States during the 1977-1978 TV season. The program was aired in prime time in Canada and on Saturday mornings by NBC. It was later syndicated overseas. The American broadcasts of the series carried the modified title Search and Rescue: The Alpha Team.

The series starred Michael J. Reynolds (an actor later known for appearing in many commercials for Nabob coffee) as Dr. Bob Donell, the leader of a unique rescue team that includes his two children Katy ( Donann Cavin) and Jim ( Michael Tough). What makes the team unique is that it conducts its rescues using a veritable zoo of specially trained animals. Each episode would see the Alpha Team utilizing specific animals to handle specific incidents, ranging from birds to dogs.

A total of 26 episodes were produced, although the American broadcast of the series was cancelled after thirteen episodes.

Search and Rescue (Stargate Atlantis)

"Search and Rescue" is the fifth season premiere of science fiction television show Stargate Atlantis, and is the 81st episode of the series. The episode premiered on July 11, 2008 in the United States on SCI FI channel, and was then shown on Canada's The Movie Network. The episode premiered over a month later in the United Kingdom on August 19 on Sky One. iTunes USA also made the episode available for download several days later. However, by the next episode, "Seed", shows will be added at the same time as they are scheduled to air. This is the 26th episode of Stargate Atlantis to be written by Martin Gero. The episode introduces several changes in the personnel and command of Atlantis, seeing Richard Woolsey ( Robert Picardo) take over command of the base.

The episode continues on from Season Four's finale — "The Last Man" — on a series of story arcs based around Wraith character " Michael" (played by Connor Trinneer). In the previous episode, Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard ( Joe Flanigan) is transported forward 48,000 years into the future in an accident involving the Stargate and a solar flare, ultimately leading him to find out the fate of his teammates and the fate of Teyla Emmagan ( Rachel Luttrell) in particular — who in his time line still remains captive by Michael. Sheppard manages to return to Atlantis in his proper time line (the year 2008), where he along with McKay ( David Hewlett), Ronon Dex ( Jason Momoa) and Major Lorne's team gate to the world where he determines Teyla will be taken. However, they arrive prematurely and during a sweep of the computers, McKay triggers a booby trap that causes the entire complex to collapse on top of the team.

Search and Rescue (Australian TV series)

Search and Rescue is an Australian observational documentary series that is now airing on the Nine Network on 7 May 2008.

Search and Rescue follows the search and rescue operations of several different Victoria Police divisions, such as the Victoria Police Air-Wing and Victoria Police Diving Squad.

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Search and rescue (disambiguation)

Search and rescue may refer to:

  • Search and rescue, the search and provision of aid to people in distress or imminent danger
  • Search and rescue dog, a dog trained for search and rescue operations
  • Mounted search and rescue, a method of search and rescue by riders
    • Search and rescue horse, a horse used as transportation of mounted searchers and rescuers
  • RAF Search and Rescue Force, an RAF organisation providing round-the-clock search and rescue operations in the UK, Cyprus and the Falkland Islands
  • Search and Rescue Optimal Planning System, a comprehensive search and rescue system
  • Search and Rescue (TV series), a Canadian television series
  • Search and Rescue (Australian TV series), an Australian documentary series
  • "Search and Rescue" (Stargate Atlantis), an episode of Stargate Atlantis
  • Search/Rescue, progressive rock band
  • High Sierra Search and Rescue, a short-lived 1995 TV series

Usage examples of "search and rescue".

But whether search and rescue dogs actually died of radiation poisoning is another matter.

She was just a search and rescue operator who tried to do the best she could.

The beacon Portegin had rigged outside the cave, camouflaged as a dead branch, would guide the search and rescue team to them.

You have to pay expenses for the search and rescue, so I wouldn 't yank the handle just for a ride back.

Your experience on a DSR will be some use, and I see you stood well in your classes in both search and rescue and escape and evasion.

I was happy working back in the UK on sick parades, and all of a sudden they've put me on one of these search and rescue teams.